Cheryl is a native Mainer, who’s passion for photography began as a child with a Kodak Brownie camera and a Polariod playfully in hand; to be followed in her teenage years learning 35 MM photography. As a college student with a minor in Art, Cheryl had the tremendous opportunity to apprentice with one of the great masters of American Photography: Berenice Abbott. This experience gave Cheryl an exceptional grounding in fine art black and white photography, experience with large format cameras and printing museum quality work.

Her work today is digital and demonstrates creative ways of depicting classic Maine; ranging from ocean reflections, architecture and portrait work. Cheryls work has evolved from pure realism to more abstract images often photographing not just what is …but what it could be. With the poignant experience of being a cancer survivor as a backdrop to her more recent work, she uses her camera to bring light into darkness and depict shadow in creative ways.

“At this point in my life, photography is a form of relaxation and brings me tremendous joy…I love photographing what we see every day with an eye toward capturing the spirit of the experience.”

Cheryl’s work has been exhibited at The University of Southern Maine, The Portland Public Library and The Jewish Museum of Maine. Cheryl lives with her life partner is Portland, Maine. She has a son who lives in Boston.